Vacuum formed thermal insulation products CV


Vacuum formed thermal insulation products type CV are made of ceramic fibres and specially selected binders. They feature high resistance to heat, low thermal conductivity, low density and high resistance to temperature changes. Due to their excellent thermal insulation properties, resistance to thermal shocks, heat resistance and ease of processing (also mechanical - milling) they are commonly used in power generation sector, metallurgy, founding, and ceramic sector as the lining of glass, ceramic and metallurgical furnaces.
CV thermal insulations are used as linings of furnace cars, fillings of expansion joints, protections of riser heads in foundries, protections of thermocouples, high temperature gaskets, foundry spouts, and others.

The advantages of using vacuum formed thermal insulation products type CV:

  • reduction in furnace weight,
  • extension of lining lifecycle, especially in batch furnaces,
  • reduction in costs and time of repairs and overhauls.

Standard CV panels are manufactured in hard and soft version in sizes 1000 x 1000 mm and 1000 x 500 mm; thickness 5.0 mm to 200 mm. Boards in size above 200 mm are produced by gluing. We also manufacture CV shapes: pipes, cylinders, cones, stops, arches, rings, and gutters. We offer milling of all kinds of shapes using the milling module of KIMLA plotter.



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