mgr inż. Paweł Schulz

Paweł Schulz has graduated from Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Technology in Poznań. Fir 25 years he has been in charge of sealing technology, high temperature insulation materials, as well as friction linings. He is a co-author of 2 patents in the field of sealings and a few implementations to production. His main interests are design technologies of sealing materials, high temperature insulation materials and friction linings, as well as their industrial applications. Together with his co-workers he has devised and implemented technologies of non-asbestos products, replacing the asbestos products manufactured earlier. Paweł Schulz has been awarded with the Silver Engineer statuette, won in the coontest organised by Przegląd Techniczny (a prestigious Polish technical magazine).


ul.Wojska Polskiego 16,
58-420 Lubawka

+48 75 74 49 695
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+48 75 74 49 690


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